Brown skin

Vintage houten mini koffertje met ingebouwde accu

Aansluitingen: USB – SD kaart – tulp

  • 50W bluetooth versterker – 75W uitgangsvermogen
  • volume – bass – treble regelbaar
  • 220V netsnoer
  • handleiding
  • garantiebewijs


Brown skin

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Extra informatie

Gewicht 4 kg
Afmetingen 20 × 10 × 15 cm


220V / Powercord

Connect in display with supplied 220V power cord. Turn on the small switch. Can then be used by connecting USB / TF / AUX / external player.

Bluetooth: When voltage is applied to the device, you will hear “bluetooth device ready to pair” (default) / or music tone. Then pair with your phone or tablet etc. (pair “BT speaker”) and play.

Bluetooth and battery

The battery can only be charged via adapter with round plug. On/Off button must be in ON position when recharging! (red light). When the battery is charged (green light) search for “BT speaker/Wuzhi/Xpecial audio” via Bluetooth.

Warranty: 1 year warranty on only bluetooth amplifier / electronics under normal use.

When not in use, the battery will also slowly drain. This makes the battery last longer. When playing without a battery, always use the power cord instead of the adapter!

Only use the adapter to charge the product.