Sound waves

Vintage stereo koffer 1945
zonder ingebouwde accu

Aansluitingen: USB – SD kaart – Tulp

  • 2x50W bluetooth versterker – 150W uitgangsvermogen
  • volume – bass – treble regelbaar
  • 220V netsnoer
  • handleiding
  • garantiebewijs

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Sound waves

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Extra informatie

Gewicht 11 kg
Afmetingen 65 × 20 × 40 cm


220V / Powercord

Connect in display with supplied 220V power cord. Turn on the small switch. Can then be used by connecting USB / TF / Tulip / external player. Choose mode via remote control, or plug in USB stick after power on.

Bluetooth: When voltage is applied to the device, you will hear “bluetooth device ready to pair” (default). Then pair with your phone or tablet etc. (pair “BT speaker”) and play.

Bluetooth and battery

The battery can only be charged via adapter with round plug. On/Off button must be in ON position when recharging! (red light). When the battery is charged (green light) search for “BT speaker” via Bluetooth.

Warranty: 1 year warranty on only bluetooth amplifier / electronics under normal use.

When not in use, the battery will also slowly drain. This makes the battery last longer. Because the built-in battery must be on for charging, a slight noise may be heard even when turned off with the AB (to save battery). This can be reduced by turning the volume to “0”. When playing without a battery, always use the power cord instead of the adapter!

Only use the adapter to charge the product.